Baby Deco Ideas

Last summer, after moving to rural Maryland from suburban Colorado, my daughters, in their youthful boredom, asked daily "how many days until the baby gets here?"  So I decided to make a baby countdown.  

We went to Joann's, to the baby shower craft aisle (yes, there is one) where we picked out and bought little bottle tags and tiny pastel colored clothes pins.  At home we colored the bottle on the tag a pretty combination of pink and red (as directed by the six-year old) and numbered them to 80 (that's how many days we had until my due date, and was a fun little educational game for my soon-to-be first grader).  Then... I added to the back of each tag a baby-related fact, craft, or question for that day.  Things like: how many babies are born in a day in America, make a blanket for baby today (that project is still going on), draw a picture of our new family when baby comes.  Eighty of these.  Whew....

We attached one tag to another tag with a clothes pin and hung the entire countdown on the pantry door.  Every day, the girls looked forward to picking the next number.  It gave us something new to do every day and helped us click the days by in our waiting.  I loved this - in fact it may have saved my sanity given our location off a busy country road with no neighbors.  In addition, at that time, we knew one family in the area (no, I'm not exaggerating).  

Here is a picture of the bottle tags, clothespin, and an example of what I wrote on each tag:

We weren't looking for perfection here - this was a family project, so I let my oldest daughter do some of the numbering.  I have kept all of these as a keepsake for the baby as she gets older.

Here are two of the crafts that we did based on the bottle tag direction:

'love' with the 'v' made from my daughters' footprints.

I do a craft with the first letter of each girls' name, so we did this for the new baby.
This is a close up so you can see the 'E', an embroidered handkerchief handed down from a great-great grandparent.

This is how the 'E' looks further away in the frame, on the wall.

Here is the link to the Ikea frame I have now used for multiple projects in our home (great buy!):

I most certainly hope anyone that comes across this post is inspired.  I think the countdown would be a great shower gift for a new mom, maybe modified for her last few weeks of pregnancy.  The other modification would be to do a countdown for any event occurring in your family: a vacation, summer ending, a move (in hopes of making it less traumatic), anything really. 

Happy crafting!

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