Whole30 Blog #1 (1/10/16)

Hubby's cooking the first dinner on our Whole30 Journey - roasted sweet potato and butternut squash, with Arizona Dreaming beef and mushrooms. Girls are in the basement, wrecking the place.  'Alaska the Last Frontier' should be on soon.  And I'm sharing the "before" stats.

It's hard for me to believe that I'm blogging this, that I intend on publicizing this blog, and that I'm posting pictures of myself as things stand today.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I am 41 years old (a/o of November 2015).  I have three daughters, the youngest being almost 16 months old.  I have lost and gained weight since my mid-twenties, for various reasons, but I do not think of myself as a person that struggles with weight.  Five years ago, my husband and I were introduced to the Paleo lifestyle.  We just had a 2.5 year old at the time.  But I was approximately 20-25 pounds overweight.  So there was certainly motivation to try something different lest our way of life become the new normal.

Long story short, we both lost a ton of weight, skin became noticeably better, and we felt an increase in energy.  So we committed to living Paleo "forever".

Two additional kids later and let's just say we've fallen off the wagon.  You know how life gets in the way: lots of stress, kids, some difficulties, kids, work, kids, two cross country moves in one year, kids.  Did I mention kids?

I've come to understand a unique trait about most of humanity: nothing works like a good kick in the pants.  So my husband and I are embracing the Whole30 challenge.  We both knew about this five years ago, and I basically told him "no" back then.  Not giving up dairy, and most certainly not giving up alcohol.  No, no, no.

Well I must be desperate.

I am desparate.

The very brief description of Whole30 is this: you can have meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and natural fats.  Sugar, grains, alcohol, legumes, and dairy are off limits. And refrain from daily weigh-ins.

I will share before stats in this blog, and we'll compare them to the after stats in 30 days.  During this 30 day period, I'll share recipes, tips, tricks, thoughts, feelings, et cetera.  I don't know yet how frequently I'll share, so check back often.  If nothing else, I sincerely hope this encourages someone.  And know this - if I slip up, cheat, give up, lose my shit, or all of the above: I'll be honest about it.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 152
Bust: 37
Waist: 35
Hips: 41
Thigh: 22
Body fat: 35.6
BMI: 25.3

And now the pictures.  Please extend me some grace.  This is not easy.

Okay friends, that's it for tonight.  Nothing like some honesty with oneself.  If ever you want to be motivated to do anything physical, take some pictures of yourself.  And then look at them.  Ermagosh...

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