Whole30 Blog #2 (1/12/16)

Breakfast.  What to do about breakfast?  I'm a long time cereal eater.  And I eat like as soon as I wake up.  Otherwise momma ain't happy. What we learned on Paleo was to take leftovers from dinner and maybe toss in a scrambled/fried egg on top.  So yesterday that's what we did.  Butternut squash, sweet potato, and the beef/mushroom mix with a scrambled egg.  You know what?  It was delicious, and way more satisfying than a bowl of cereal.  I'll share more breakfast ideas coming up. But I wanted to get that out there early on.  

Here's a pic:

My husband is reporting headaches.  Poor guy, he's somewhat susceptible to them.  I'm feeling great.  I find when I do this diet change, I feel great almost instantly.  Maybe it's the placebo effect.  Okay.  I'll take it.

One other share I have is concerning coffee.  We drink it.  Actually I should say we rely on it like a car relies on gas.  A few years ago there was a big craze about putting grass fed butter in your coffee.  We tried it, and it wasn't bad but it wasn't super easy or natural either (by that I mean to say we just naturally kept grabbing the whipping cream out of the fridge instead of the grass fed butter, because who puts butter in their coffee?).  Hello clarified butter.  My husband made a big batch of it the other morning in preparation of our food journey, so that's what we are using in our coffee.  Froth it in if you have a frother and voila, buttery coffee.  :)

Here's a pic:

One last share: the Whole30 crew does a free January Whole30 program every year.  Lots of freebies (Ideas, recipes, giveaways, et cetera).  It's too late this year, but you can still sign up and get some support, even if you decide this is something to do later this year.  Or you can wait another year.  Hah!  

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X's and O's friends, have a great day!

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