Whole30 Blog #3 (1/13/16)


Today was not a great day.

I'm in a hot bath with essential oil salts - it's my replacement for wine.  There was a slight disaster trying to make homemade mayonnaise today.  But I'm not giving up!

This little disaster/lesson today reminded me of the importance of preparation, and so it is going to be the basis of this post, and I hope it will help even one person who may decide they want to do this.  The absolute best way, in my mind, to attempt a food challenge like this is....

Take a month to read the Whole30 book (The Whole30: The 30 Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom) and maybe even the first book the Hartwigs wrote (It Starts With Food).

Then take the next month to get your pantry prepped with the spices and condiments you'll need, determine a realistic 30 day meal plan, and get rid of the temptations.  (We have children so we can't get rid of the temptations, ugh...)

On top of those two suggestions, prep, prep, prep on the weekends.  Everything.  Know what you are going to eat at each meal, have all the ingredients ready to go, do as much chopping and food preparation as you possibly can. 

Only then should this food makeover be attempted. I think they recommend this in the book but I'm reading as I go (mistake #1).  

On that note, why?  Why am I doing this?  Why should anyone do this?  In talking with people, I get a lot of "ooooh, I couldn't give up the cheese", and "I love bread, gotta have my bread".  I'm still at alcohol.  There's like one glass of white wine left in the fridge right now and I eyeball it every day.  But I digress...

Here's what I can offer up as an explanation.  There are so many reasons why we have physical discomfort - not just being overweight, or even a little heavier than normal.  Food affects everything.  I'm not the smart one on these matters so I'm not going to attempt the details here.  I'm just going to advocate for a shift in thought on the subject matter of food and what it does once it enters our bodies.  If you are uncomfortable (IBS, asthma, allergies, chronic headaches, exhaustion, mood swings, autoimmune disorders, skin problems, etc.) why not try this?  Why not detox your body for 30 days, and then figure out what is causing your discomfort?  Why not learn about the affects from the types of food you ingest so then you can make intelligent food choices going forward?  Why not take a chance at losing some unnecessary weight and possibly feeling better than ever? 

Yes, it is hard.  But it's hard for like 30 days, and then you get to be in charge.  You get to say, "I'm going to eat the $%#& out of this pizza even though I know it makes me feel bad physically."  And I can attest specifically to pizza not making me feel good, especially when paired with beer.

Here is another train of thought.  Why do we eat the foods we eat?  The cheese its and pringles and oreos and bagel sandwiches and french fries.  Did our ancestors have these as options?  Why would we think that these types of foods are good options now?  Why not consider the foods that were meant for humans to eat?  

I am not suggesting by any means that people MUST do this.  I am only suggesting that if you are experiencing a physical discomfort that then possibly affects your emotional well-being, consider making some changes for your overall health.  Get back in the driver's seat.  I've known for the past 1+ year how I should be eating.  I chose to ignore that knowledge because it's simply too easy to go the other route.  And then it becomes almost impossible to stop.  I also know that I'm the only one responsible for myself and my body and my health.  I'd love to give that responsibility to someone else (actually I wouldn't love to do that, I just want someone else to work out for me), but that's not how it works now does it?

Thanks for listening, I mean reading.  I'll shut up now. 

Night friends...

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