Whole30 Blog #5 (1/19/16)

Can Whole30 be done if you have small children at home?  

It ain't pretty, but yes it can.

I used to angrily mutter under my breath to Hayley and Bill, and the Hartwigs how easy it must be for them to create their beautiful websites, cook their beautiful food, travel all over the world espousing whole food eating, go to their crossfit trainings. Because after all, neither couple experienced their mega success while also trying to raise their families.  

I mean I probably could have brought about world peace when I didn't have children.  Had I known how much time I truly had on my hands. 

I bet a lot of you reading this are thinking in your head, "Yeah but I/we have small children, that are picky, and clingy at night. There's no way I/we could do Whole30."  So let me say this: (a) we don't put this food plan on our kids (b) our kids are clingy too (c) we are exhausted pretty much constantly (d) I'm thinking about food as I write this. 

Whole-food based eating is very difficult, period, exclamation point.  Throw in screaming, fighting, whining children and fuggedaboutit.  We survived our first week, but we weren't prepared.  This week is going better because of our weekend preparation, but it's still not easy.  And it's not much fun.  It's not like when we were dating, when we took two hours flirting in the kitchen to make a romantic meal and then sat and ate in front of the fire watching 'Six Feet Under' nonstop.  I'm almost in tears right now thinking about those days...

Where am I going with this?  It's not easy, it's not pretty, it's not fun.  But it's worth it.  Just accept all this, and then get over it, and then prepare yourself and your kitchen.  If you have better kids than ours, get them involved.  Take turns cooking.  Make a ton at one time and have leftovers.  Find a really good, healthy take out place and get help one or two nights a week.  Take it day by day, meal by meal, moment by moment.

Just don't think you can't do it because of the littles.  The only thing that will probably stop us at this point is the zombie apocalypse.  

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