Whole30 Blog #6 (1/23/16)

I'm on a trip right now.  I'm not going to lie, there was a slight panic thinking about how difficult it would be to keep this up without my accountability partner (my hubby), and with the temptations of fast food and breakfast pastries and car snacks.  

So this is what occurred:

Lunch on Friday was several whole30 approved snacks from Barefoot Provisions.  Don't worry, I'll be rating them in the next blog post.  Dinner upon arrival in Albuquerque was grilled steak with jalapeños, mushrooms, and onions on a bed of lettuce, at a sub shop.  

This morning, after an essential oils yoga session and shower, my girlfriend and I ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant: eggs, sausage, and fruit with black coffee.  

And then this:

That is my neighbor's plate.  Looks pretty damn good doesn't it?

Lunch consisted of a super healthy salad with grilled chicken, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, and carrots covered in a light dressing (this might have been a #whole30 fail but I saw the the oil and vinegar a little too late).  Dinner tonight at Taco Cabana. Fortunately they will exchange their side of rice, beans, and tortillas for a side salad (another #whole30 fail: I didn't see the cheese until it was too late). I ate this side salad with an order of dark meat chicken.  

I expect I'll have the same breakfast in the morning  after a group workout.  Lunch will be on the road (and I'm sure I'll make it work). Dinner tomorrow night back at home with the family: roasted chicken with sweet potato mash.

What I am most struck by is how everything requires some sort of modification.  And the food doesn't even end up being that good.  Now, I'm sure Taco Cabana's breakfast burrito served 24 hours a day is delicious.  But my meal?  Less than spectacular.  I'm eager to get back home, to sit down with my family, with delicious home cooked food on the table, and a lime sparkling water on the rocks.  This food on the road is for the birds.  However, it IS doable.

Seventeen days to go my friends.  Seventeen days to go.  XO, Heather