Whole30 Blog #7 (1/27/16)

I believe we are about 17 days into this.  Right?  So this is a check up.

I feel great.  I don't even think about the alcohol.  Even though it pains me to admit this, I feel better not drinking as much as we were.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't vodka tonics every night at the Ruggieris.  But we did enjoy our wine.  And we will enjoy wine again.  But I've learned that perhaps it truly is best to be more moderate about that aspect of life.  Gosh darnit, that's hard to say.

Clothing items are still snug, although it is getting noticeably more comfortable when I do decide to wear a pair of pants with button and zipper (I've taken a 21 month break from this type of clothing).  My skin is nice.  Really nice.  I'm using a honey and geranium essential oil face scrub once a week on top of this whole food eating, and I've NEVER had shiny (non-oily) skin before.  I didn't actually think shiny skin (like those Hollywood gals) was a real thing.  :)

My husband has the beginnings of a six-pack back.  It's currently in the two-pack stage.

Seventeen days in and I do think we reached food prep rhythm.  Typically it's dinner leftovers with an egg in the morning.  Leftovers for lunch or tuna with homemade mayo.  Success, yay!!

And then we try to do a big dinner so we have leftovers.  Our dinners are now planned out over the weekend.  The food is insanely good.  So what I've also noticed is the craving situation.  You know, the thinking about food nonstop?  Gone.  What's in its place is "oh, I need to eat, let's pick something that is really good for me so I won't be hungry again for awhile and I can go off and do the million other things I need to be doing."  Terribly freeing to not be thinking about food all the time.

We did invest in a little margin: we bought the Whole30 Mega Kit from Barefoot Provisions.  Basically, they are an online grocery store for crazy insane healthy all-natural snack foods made by many different companies.  The idea is great, especially for those of us embarking on a 30 day life changing food makeover where on day 2 you feel like you could eat your left foot.  Here's the deal though: not everything you get is good.  I'm adding a pic of the stash we received.  Quite a variety, some good some bad.  My recommendation is to buy items individually and just take a guess as to what you might like.  The Kale chips aren't great but the nuts are.  I also like the seaweed.  Weird I know.  I'm sorry to say that we are not fans of the Epic bars.  And that is putting it nicely.  Watching my husband try to choke down a bite was not pretty, but it was funny.  Jason likes the coconut "chips" but I don't.  Oh, the olives!  Love the olives, but hubby won't even try them.  And I won't try the sardines.  So there you have it.  Any questions?  Comment below.

Here are a couple of pictures from the past week of eating.

fried egg on sweet potato hash (for dinner)

tuna and avocado cups (for breakfast)

We're in it to win it.  Extremely happy that we finally took the first step.  Leave a comment or a question or a picture of what you ate this morning.  xo, Heather

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