Whole30 Blog #10 (1/12/16) - AFTER!!!

Good morning friends!  I wasn't able to write last night or get pictures done, or measurements taken because it was a busy day.  And then I decided to sit on the couch with my husband at about 10 p.m. and watch an episode of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Funny, funny show by the way.  When the hype was high for this show a few years ago, I don't remember anyone saying how funny it is.  My favorite character is Crazy Eyes.  

So before I get into the good stuff, I wanted to write about my personal philosophy on weight management and having a healthy self image.  Is it human nature to be just a little bit vain?  I think it is.  However I do believe that as we get older in our contemporary society where we work sedentary jobs 40-60 hours a week, our focus should turn towards health and longevity as well.  There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to look good for yourself, your spouse, whoever.  It's my opinion that there are two legs to weight management: looking good and feeling good.  And I'm giving you permission to care about what you look like.  Do you need my permission?  No.  But sometimes hearing someone else say it, is all we need.  I also really want you to care about living a long, healthy life.  Because once we embrace life, we realize there's a lot to do out there.  Traveling, hobbies, family time, volunteering, sports, dream pursuing, et cetera.  Aren't all those things better when we are in a good physical state?  

My genetics determined for me that I was going to be a medium build, with a healthy midsection, aka birthing hips.  That continues to be the area of my body, not that I struggle with, but that requires the most attention.  Especially with my personal style.  Finding clothes that minimize that physical attribute while maximizing the naturally "nice" attributes I have.  The point of a healthy, strong self-image is not to wish (or worse yet, try) for Angelina Jolie but to LOVE Heather Ruggieri.  Minimize the things we aren't happy with, maximize our genetic gifts.  Strive for healthy living, smile a lot, embrace personal choices regarding attitude and happiness.  Simple.  I'm telling you this because I know it to be a powerful, freeing truth: the most attractive people in this world are the happy people.  

One last thought before I move on:  I grew up thinking that after a woman has her babies, she's "allowed" to be plump.  That it is just what happens.  When I would gain weight before I started having children, I always thought, "oh no, I haven't even had kids yet".  How non-sensical is that?  We as an American society need a better dialogue on health, nutrition, self-image, and making personal choices, for our kids and ourselves.  We also need to stop judging each other so harshly.  Across the board.  Don't think he lacks self control because he's fat, and don't be angry at her because she's thin and pretty.  Just focus on your own tiny little spot on this earth - another key to happiness.  

Okay, so my results!

Let's compare my physical stats:

Here's a link to a good BMI calculator: http://www.smartbmicalculator.com

That's it folks.  My husband just recently found out he won a trip to Jamaica with his work, so I'm not going to lie, I'm glad we put ourselves through this!  We'll be on the beach in two months, sans children.  Happy 10th wedding anniversary to us!  p.s.  I still have about 5-10 pounds to go, and some strength, flexibility work to do, so the party ain't really over yet.  xo friends - Heather

Ending with the pictures (before and after side by side):  

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