Whole30 Blog #10 (2/9/16)

Tomorrow is our last day on Whole30. The next step is to perform a re-introduction of food types over a period of time, one at a time, and closely watch our bodies' reaction to the food ingested. I happen to know that dairy is a food category that I should avoid. I have also read enough to know that grains are a food category that I prefer to avoid because of how the body processes them. 

My husband and I have superficially agreed to transition to a 90% paleo diet. The 10% would include celebrations, holidays, vacations, the occasional drink, etc. 

Here is some information on the transition off of Whole30: 

Whole30 Reintroduction Phase

On Thursday, February 11th, I'll post my after pictures and my after stats. I'm pretty excited. I've been fitting into more of my old wardrobe. I can tell when looking in the mirror that I have lost weight and inches. But beyond all that, I feel great. Our desire to continue with a paleo diet is born of past experience. But it's also born of a desire to continue down a path of weight loss. We both have clothes that we'd prefer to fit into, rather than buy new. I mean there is some environmental responsibility here. Right? 

If there are any questions out there, any requests for recipes, meal plans, inspiration, hand holding, I'm happy to oblige. I'm a believer in this way of life, but I am in no way a shover down the throat. ;) 

hugs everyone -

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