Whole30 Blog #9 (2/4/16)

This post is a random compilation of thoughts over the last few weeks.  We are in the home stretch with 7 days left and I'm a little philosophical about the whole experience.  

Allow me to begin with our menu for the week:

Monday: short ribs slow cooker (nom nom paleo recipe) - think finger licking good
Tuesday: skirt steak tacos
Wednesday: grocery store rotisserie chicken and slaw/spinach salad with homemade asian dressing
Thursday: pork tenderloin and roasted root vegetables
Friday: wildtree shrimp and spinach salad - wildtree is a direct marketing spice maker
Saturday: spaghetti squash and meatballs
Sunday: wings and vegetables and fruit - for Super Bowl Sunday

We are eating well friends.  In fact, every time we go back to this type of eating, I'm shocked at how good everything is.  Yes it is time consuming, but you begin to get into a routine of meal planning, list making, grocery store on the weekend, prepping where and when you can, and then the whole family is in the kitchen for the evening.  Sometimes we play music and dance too!

A thought entered my mind this morning and I feel compelled to communicate the following: I know people who are happy with their lifestyle.  They are happy with the weight they are, they are happy with their food choices, they do not experience much discomfort, and so making an attempt at Whole30 is mind boggling to them.  If you are one of these people, I sincerely hope no one ever makes you feel like you are living wrong.  Every single one of us has choices to make regarding our lifestyles: spiritual, financial, communal, nutritional, physical, relational, I could go on.  Just like I don't like to be judged about my choice to do Whole30, I would NEVER judge someone for being unwilling to do it.  I think the idea of extending grace to each other is timeless and universal.  If you are happy, stay happy.  If you want to change something, then take whatever first steps you need to take in order to bring about change.  You are the only one taking care of yourself, and you are the only one responsible for the choices and decisions you make.  It's liberating to recognize the amount of power we actually have in our lives.  I hope you are nodding your head up and down right now.  

I have some food pictures to share at the very end.  I'm not a food photographer, and I'm not trying to be one, so just realize that the idea here is to share what I'm eating and if it looks like something you'd like, I can share recipes upon request. 

While we are on the downslope, we are preparing for the reintroduction phase so we will be reading up on that over the next week.  I'm confused about this part of the process, so I'm eager to learn the logic behind it.  I personally love eating like this.  I know what my trigger foods are as well.  So to reintroduce dairy for instance scares the heck out of me.  I am however looking forward to my first glass of wine.  You can take the wine away from the girl, but you can't take the girl away from the wine.  (I know I'm corny, it's genetic.)

My final random thought is sharing my guilt over allowing my children to eat things I know full well are not good for them.  But like every other parent in this world, we just want our kids to eat, right?  I keep telling myself when the time is right, and their palates are more adventuresome, I'll be ready and waiting to stick roasted root vegetables down their throats.  

Thank you for continuing to keep me company on this journey!

pork slow cooker

skirt steak tacos

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