a realistic, no bullshit meal plan

How difficult is it to plan the week's menu right?  And then eating a whole food diet?  


Here's the deal, after you read a few books and blogs, and tap into the endless supply of ideas on whole food eating out there on social media, you start to get an idea of how to eat whole, and how to do it rather quickly.  Disclaimer: quickly is subjective.  

I've lost 15 pounds since January 10th.  It is currently March 10th.  I'm pretty dang happy with that.  We did Whole30 yes, but that ended a month ago.  Some items have entered back into my diet here and there, but there hasn't been an all out cheat-fest.  Like 'face in Neapolitan-style pizza' thing.  I'm holding out.

What has occurred is my husband and I are back in our rhythm.  Today is Thursday.  I had to pick up the 2nd grader from school, get her to piano, pick up something large from a store for my mom (we have a truck), and then run by the grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner.  I texted my husband 'picking something up'.  He called, "I was going to take the girls out when you got home and get stuff.  We just need bison and sweet potatoes."  Great.  Easy.  I know we have squash for the spiralizer, so I also picked up a pork loin for Friday night's dinner.  

Boom.  Done.

I get home.  The smell of bacon welcomes me.  One half hour later he's making bison burgers and cooking sweet potato hash.  If you haven't tried it, you're not living a joyful life.  

Why all the detail?  Because I want everyone out there to know the real life happenings of two people trying to stick to a whole-food diet while raising children and working.  I also have something to share.  A cheat sheet of sorts.  Take your 7 days on whatever mechanism you use (hard copy calendar, ical, dry erase, whatever) and assign a day to a type of meal.  

For instance:

Monday: slow cooker
Tuesday: take out/delivery
Wednesday: breakfast for dinner
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: grill (yes, even in the winter)
Saturday: fend for yourself
Sunday: family dinner (try a new recipe)

If you can get into a rhythm, you can then experiment with different recipes or draw upon the tried and true.  Whatever day you use to do your meal planning (like Sundays in our house), you can follow a framework of sorts, like the one above, and then you at least know Mondays become slow cooker days.  You can also plan for the busy nights.  Which are Tuesdays and Thursdays in our house.  When my husband suggests doing something more involved, I NEVER put it on one of those nights.  I'll save it typically for the weekend.  

Whatever you can do on the weekend too is great, in terms of prepping veggies and meat, planning, making lists, grocery shopping.  I'm telling you though, once you get into a rhythm, it becomes easier to let a week go without a full up plan in place.  I'm not worried now if we don't have a total menu planned out that we will order pizzas from Duca's out of complete desperation.  

Tell me what you think.  I certainly hope this is helpful.  

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