another march diy

Hard for me to believe this, but I'm actually starting to "collect" empty essential oil bottles.  And since I'm a total reuser, repurposer, and recycler, there was no way these little darlings were getting thrown away.  

Today I happened onto a Pinterest pin that listed quite a few ideas for the second life of an amber bottle.  I very easily made a hand sanitizer for my purse.  Here's how: I took my 15ml bottle of doTERRA On Guard that had about 4 drops left in it, unscrewed the lid and popped the plastic dripper doohickey out, and then added some distilled water.  I topped the bottle off with a pump, which can be purchased at a number of different online retailers (aromatools, amazon, etc.)


I have a few drops left in a lavender bottle so I'll be doing a lavender aromatherapy steam shower in the morning.  

Whatever bottles I don't repurpose right away, I'll put aside for making a Christmas light decoration for the holidays. 

Here's the pin:

Essential Oil Bottle Re-use

Happy re-purposing!

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