beauty in breaking down

"Beauty in the breakdown" - lyrics of a really beautiful song we enjoy hearing now and again. And it stands as a good reminder for me that breakdowns are allowed, maybe even necessary. 

When something is broken down a little, it has a chance for rebuilding, perhaps better than it was before. We definitely live in a culture I think where keeping our shit together is a badge of honor, where if you lose it even just slightly, you are judged, frowned upon, put in a corner by yourself. 

Well I for one say NO MORE!

I can be relatively "normal" and "cool" and still have moments. There's nothing wrong with the honesty and imperfection a good cry or scream or irrational rant brings. I think what the song refers to as "beauty" is the aftermath: the sigh of relief, the hope in picking yourself off the floor and moving on, the existence of unconditional acceptance that someone out there may have for you. 

It is beautiful.

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