craft room u-shaped table (aka the coolest thing we've ever made, besides our three children)

Excited to finally share pictures of this project.  Please excuse the current state of disorganization - that part is still underway.  We will also be hanging a bunch of original art work on the walls.  So a follow up will obviously be required.  

Here is the history of this project: The craft room is the 6th bedroom in our house.  It is in the basement, and in our six years of owning this home has never really been used for anything, except as a dumping ground.  The office space by our laundry on the mid-level was also becoming a dumping ground, and so both spaces were not being optimally used.

Because of the desire to focus on growing a natural wellness business which encompasses a host of endeavors, I felt the need to lasso both rooms down and take some control.  We initially focused on cleaning up the office space and separating out the office "stuff" versus the craft "stuff.  Easy.  Office space was organized in a weekend.  Done.

The bigger problem?  Turning the craft room into a true craft room.  And the bigger problem?  How to do it economically.  In the matter of a few days my husband and I were able to come up with a design for a LARGE craft table, purchase all the necessary parts, and actually build the table to support the craftiness of me and three daughters.  My oldest has You Tube aspirations so we took that into consideration as well.  I'm not at all suggesting she will get to do videos, but all parents learn that there is a certain amount of appeasing that buys you time with your children, right?  

Okay, here are the pictures.  We bought the table top wood at Lowes and had it cut for us there, knowing our personal measurements.  We also knew going into the project that we'd be building a ledge on the wall to help with stability, as well as DIY wood "brackets".  Total cost came in well under $300.  I should have taken before pictures, but of course I didn't.  Two weeks prior to these pictures, there were unpacked boxes stacked on top of each other from our move last summer.  I'm SUPER happy.  xo friends, Heather

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