metamorphosis (Kafka-style)

When we came back to Colorado from a year in Maryland, there was naturally a period of digestion.  You know, like, what the heck just happened?  Did we fail?  Could we have done something different?  Should we have given it more time? 

One particularly thoughtful day, I happened into an analogy.  A butterfly analogy.  I imagined a caterpillar, crawling through life.  

No, not the hungry caterpillar.  

A normal caterpillar, moving slowly, getting rather dirty, perhaps even a little beat up.  The caterpillar's mission is to turn into a butterfly - we all know this - but the caterpillar doesn't.  One day, the caterpillar begins the process of metamorphosis.  The caterpillar doesn't even know what is happening, much less understand the ultimate outcome.  She is just going through the intuitive motions she was born with.  The period of cocooning is a welcome reprieve from the hard knock travels of the caterpillar life.  

A period of rest.

<< I want so badly to cocoon right now, I could cry >>

And then the change.  One day a beautiful butterfly finds her way out of a straight jacket.   

Where is my analogy?

I truly, and I do mean truly, believe that our little rendezvous with East Coast living was the turning point in my life.  I could not see it at the time.  It was extremely painful.  And ugly.  But the ultimate outcome?  Oh my.  Let's just say I have wings of brilliant colors and I'm taking flight...

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