30 days of crafts (april 2016) for the kids... and you

I'm cheating this month.  You'll have to forgive me.  It's insane right now.  Between my husband's work demands, a quick trip overseas, and my daughter's 8th birthday bash, I'm struggling to stay afloat. 

So I'm posting some Pinterest links in lieu of actual craft posts with pictures, etc.  

We do crafts in this house ALL the time.  It's a constant.  And an addiction.  We have accepted our addiction.  

Off the top of my head I can name 10 easy things to do with your kids at any given moment (no need to go to the craft store):
  • have a drawing contest (utilize videos from the www if necessary)
  • play cards
  • hold a scavenger hunt in the house
  • bake something
  • make stuff out of recyclables
  • put on a play or better yet, a dance party
  • start a story where everyone takes a turn with the plot
  • indoor hopscotch (yep! and it's easy)
  • cleaning party! - did you know your kids actually want to help you?  it's true! (hint: take it room by room, and include everyone)
  • plan a tea party (use cooled real tea, invite the stuffed animals, and prepare kid friendly noshes)
So here's my cheat.  I'm linking to some neat ideas of others as well.  Sometimes we just have to get outside of our adult heads and enjoy the art of play.  Hugs everyone!

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