The Who, What & Why


I am so glad you are here. My name is Heather.  I live in Colorado with my husband and three daughters.  

I've created a little spot on the www for my love of crafts, and writing, and sharing of goodness.  

Why create a virtual 'spot'?

I mean really who cares about what I have to say, right?  Well I happen to love the idea that if anything I say or do or share reaches one person than that'll be enough.  Because this life is HARD.  I spent a number of years trying to work through a traumatic event in my own head, and it didn't feel good.  But having a virtual speck of real estate does feel good!  I hope you find me, and the 'schtuff' here brings you some comfort.
Me in Aspen, circa 2015, with a kiddo on my shoulders

My crazy life...

So those three girls.  'Nough said.  We are currently still in the elementary school age.  Lots of drama.  I have analyzed this thoroughly, and I've convinced myself I could've handled two, but three sent me over the edge.  Of a boat.  

But seriously, I LOVE my life.  I just absolutely refuse to subscribe to the notion that I have to be perfect.  Or have perfect kids.  We are messy some days.  We fight.  We yell a little.  There are finger prints everywhere, and dirt smudges.  I'm a big fan of cleaning with wipes.  That said, my style is rustic and comfy cozy.  It's like a dirty, cluttered #joannagaines up in here. 

I also write for a Kids' Yoga Blog (  Which means I do believe in mindfulness, deep breathing, and trying to change the reactive mode we find ourselves in sometimes.  I adore Brene Brown and Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo.  I just can't always pull myself together.  And I'm fully, seriously, really okay with that.  

What to expect here

I made the decision to organize my content into categories, sort of like the base of a table, with the idea that our goal should be to level these areas of our lives so as to have a level life table:  Personal, Spiritual, Financial, and Physical.  I'll just keep adding content to these areas as I continue to have epiphanies (insert nervous emoji here).  

Here's a diagram:

My '30 days of...' tab was an attempt on my part to tackle a theme every month, but I DEFINITELY lost the bubble on that.  The content is still there, and it's worthy of a look.  

The final word
So life ain't easy, and the goal isn't to be perfect.  Not mine at least.  I strive for being real and respectful.  Every single day.  With everyone.  Myself included.  There's a saying: "my religion is love, and I'd die for that."  Yep, that sums it up quite nicely.    

X's and O's friends - Heather


  1. It will become your most favorite thing in the years to come (this endeavor of a blog).

    1. I have definitely found my calling Nita. I appreciate you so much girlfriend. So cool to reconnect after all these years.